Who are we?

Our mission is to help you be sustainably bougie on a budget by reclosetting vintage fashion pieces that may otherwise end up in landfills or incinerated.

What We Deliver?

  • Cleanliness

    We wash/deeply sanitize every item.

  • Sizing

    We translate vintage sizing to current day sizing.

  • Affordable

    We offer accessible pricing.

  • Quality

    We ensure quality and product authenticity.

It all started with . . .

The Lilac Vintage Irish Tweed Cape

(Sorry - Not for sale!)

Cecilia is the founder of Vico Style. She started Vico Style while she was pursuing her MBA at Babson College. As a single parent, Cecilia had to be stringent with her spending. Her friend Amanda introduced her to second hand clothing and it changed her life forever. When she was shopping at a local antique mall, she spotted and fell in love with this lilac Irish tweed cape. She started Vico Style by selling online and at local pop-up markets in Boston.

Cecilia has been building Vico Style full-time post her MBA by incorporating her expertise in vintage fashion, technology, passion for sustainability.

Meet Our Team


Vintage Fashion Curator

Why do you 🧡 vintage?

More uniqueness to the pieces. There’s something exciting about wearing a tangible piece of fashion history. 

What's your favorite era?

The 70s because of the bold color palettes and patterns.

What's your vintage obsession?

My vintage obsession is dagger collar blouses – particularly those in multicolor prints.

What's your favorite vintage style?

A mashup of vintage vibes and modern inspiration. Adding a vintage statement piece can really step up any modern outfit.


Vintage Fashion Curator

Why do you 🧡 vintage?

I adore vintage clothing for its unparalleled uniqueness, exceptional quality, and environmentally-friendly characteristics, which starkly contrast with fast fashion's wastefulness.

What's your favorite era?

Late 90s/early 2000s era! Low-waisted skirts and pants to biker jackets, are a direct reflection of that period's style influence.

What's your vintage obsession?

My vintage obsessions at the moment are beaded purses and intricately detailed lockets!

What's your favorite vintage style?

I get dressed I channel a certain character or persona, and dress accordingly. It might be the mysterious allure of a Victorian goth girl, the funky vibes of a '70s eccentric accordion player, or the edgy nostalgia of a Y2K MILF! My Style is always evolving and changing!


Vintage Fashion Curator

Why do you 🧡 vintage?

Its craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless elegance. It feels authentic and high-quality.

What's your favorite era?

The end of the Victorian Era (so end of 1800s, beginning of 1900s) because of the corsets and lace elements.

What's your vintage obsession?

Jewelry (specifically watches and rings) and fur coats.

What's your style?

Elegant, youthful, and timeless.