Do you accept consignment?

We are a direct-to-consumer company, so we do not accept consignment. However, we do buy outright in bulk (minimum 50 pieces) depending on business needs and if it fits in our upcoming collection.

What is the difference between your two locations?

Our micro store in Harvard Square is so tiny (since it was a former ATM). Therefore, we have limited selection of clothing (women's and men's). We have plenty of one-of-a-kind accessories for you to choose from.

Only available at our Harvard Square store, we have our deeply discounted rack boo boo rack and everything at our micro store priced at $50 or less.

At our flagship store in Beacon Hill, you will discover an expansive clothing selection (mostly women's and some men's) as well as accessories to complement your look.

What is the difference between vintage, antique, secondhand?

It's the age!

Vintage = 20+ years old

Antique = 50+ years old

Secondhand = anything brand new that has been worn even if it was from yesterday

What sizes do you carry?

We are size inclusive and we have anything from sizes XS-2XL in current day sizing.

How do you source your collection?

We work with vintage wholesalers, estate cleaners, those that are working with the aging population, families, etc.

Our main goal is to find vintage treasures, recloset them to new homes and keep them away from the landfills for as long as possible.

Can we even afford to shop at your stores?

Our mission statement is to help you to be sustainably bougie on a budget and we mean it! You can find an accessory for as low as $10 or a dress for $50. Nothing is more than $300 at both stores!

Fun fact - everything at our Harvard Square micro store are priced at $50 or less. We also have a deeply discounted boo boo rack exclusive to our Harvard Square location. FYI - these are clothing and accessories with some boo boo's because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.